EPFL thesis

General information

EPFL thesis format

In January 2011 a new standard was introduced for the EPFL doctoral thesis.
Although the final format is 275 x 195 mm, doctoral candidates should provide an A4 format PDF for the final printing of the thesis. The A4 document will be reduce proportionally by 92% in order to fit the correct final size.
You also have the option to supply us with a PDF in the correct format, i.e. 275 x 195 mm.

For further information please refer to the Doctoral School web pages.

Cover and first page

The first page and cover will be composed by a Repro collaborator in order to assure its comformity to the standard presentation.

PDF creation

Please refer to our online documentation on Digital Print for the generation of the PDF.

It is important that you check the quality of the obtained PDF by printing it on a PostScript printer. Check that everything is printed correctly, that nothing is missing, before forwarding this PDF to Repro. Please add the printed copy; we will use it as a control model while we prepare your thesis.

Important : It won’t be possible afterwards to fix minor errors, such as spelling or grammatical mistakes. So take the time to well proofread your thesis one last time.

PDF transmission to Repro

This process is undergoing major modification.
Please refer to the information given by the Doctoral students’ office.


Before printing the total ordered copies, you will be asked to check and validate a first exemplar. This step is important to assure that no printing problems occur. It is too late to proofread and fix writing mistakes.